Chief Deputy Harry V. Jones was named Wednesday by the Davis County Commission to complete the remaining two years of the term of Sheriff Brant L. Johnson, who is resigning in January.

Johnson submitted his resignation two weeks ago after being named deputy to newly-appointed Utah Public Safety Commissioner Doug Bodrero.Johnson backed the appointment of Jones, his chief deputy for the past three years. He nominated Jones at the Davis Republican Party central committee's meeting Tuesday night, a nomination seconded by County Attorney Mel Wilson.

Jones will be sworn in Jan. 3, the effective date of Johnson's resignation. In naming Jones, the county commission noted all three names submitted by the GOP central committee as replacements for Johnson are well qualified.

Under state law, when an elected official leaves before the term of his office expires, the party submits a list of three replacement candidates to the county commission, which names a successor.

The GOP nominated Jones, Capt. Bud Cox, chief of detectives in the department, and Capt. K.D. Simpson, head of the department's patrol division. Lt. Morton Sparks of the Layton Police Department and incumbent Sanpete County Sheriff Chuck Ramsey were also in the running for the GOP nomination.

Both Cox and Simpson have expressed interest in running for sheriff in the 1990 election.

Jones Wednesday promised full cooperation with the commissioners in budgetary and other matters, including the $18.5 million construction of the county's new 400-bed jail, court complex, and sheriff's headquarters in West Farmington.

Jones also repeated a promise he made Tuesday night to the GOP central committee that he will run for sheriff in two years, when his appointed term ends.

Jones, 58, is a retired FBI agent with 36 years experience in law enforcement. He joined the Davis department as chief deputy to Johnson three years ago.

He is a graduate of the University of Utah and FBI National Academy and served with the FBI for 25 years. Jones is past president of the Davis County Law Enforcement Administrator's Association and former executive director of the Utah Sheriff's Association.