Police acting at the request of federal officials evicted a homeless woman from a vacant house Tuesday, but the woman and two other homeless people moved into another unoccupied house just a few hours later.

The Detroit-Wayne County Union for the Homeless, an advocacy group, said it would continue to help homeless people like Clotilde Lewis move into abandoned homes, despite threats of eviction.Members of the group broke into the first boarded-up house Saturday and helped Lewis, 36, move in. Police evicted her Tuesday morning but by Tuesday evening she and two other homeless people had moved into a second abandoned home, a former crack house, on the city's east side.

Floretta Logan, 27, said she planned to move her six children, aged 4 to 13, from a relative's house into the second home within two weeks, if she still occupied it along with Lewis and a homeless man, Duwayne Jackson, 39.

"This place has four bedrooms," Logan told reporters. "It's just perfect for six kids."