A top Air Force official has been accused by federal investigators of receiving "payments and other gratuities" in exchange for helping a defense consultant and contractors, according to a report published Wednesday.

Victor D. Cohen, deputy assistant Air Force secretary in charge of buying tactical command, control, communications and computer systems, "used his official position" to help consultant William Galvin and his clients, including Unisys Corp., Loral Electronic Systems Division and Cubic Corp., The Washington Post reported."Cohen's participation has ranged from providing Galvin's clients with proprietary information to structuring procurements in a manner that eliminates competition," said an affidavit unsealed Tuesday.

"Cohen's assistance to Galvin's clients can clearly be traced to illegal payments and gratuities provided to him by Galvin or the clients," said the affidavit, which was filed to support a search of Cohen's house in Potomac, Md. The affidavit apparently gave no total, but mentions that an earlier investigation of Cohen revealed a $2,500 check from Galvin to Cohen in January 1982.