If you want to take stock in a sure thing, get in touch with the Kearns High School Academy of Finance Stock Market Game team.

The team, the first of its kind in Utah to participate in the national competition, won first place in the Idaho area and sixth in Northwest Region for making the most astute "investments" in the stock market. Members of the team are Angie Havens, captain; Heather Campbell (who missed the Deseret News picture), Char Peterson, David Wallgren and Sarah Cosman. Their Academy of Finance Instructor is Ray Shepherd.The Kearns students had help from an adviser, Greg Billow, a stockbroker from Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc. Each of the competing teams were allowed a partner from the financial community. The competition was sponsored by the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education.

The academy at Kearns is a joint project of Granite School District and American Express. The education-business partnership shares the costs of the project, which involves upper-grade students in a comprehensive financial course, work experiences and other special opportunities. Six teams from the Kearns group competed, including the winning bunch.

Each team received $100,000 - all on paper, alas - to play the stock market. They were very serious about it, poring over the New York Times finance pages daily and trying to make the smartest possible investments. At the end of the 10-week competition time, the winners had earned $17,545 on their $100,000.

Boise State University processed all the student "transactions" in this area. The Utah group played against 83 other schools in the Eastern Idaho area, then against 1,187 in the larger Northwest region.