Bruce Pendery, who has openly opposed creation of a Bear River water conservancy district, remains a member of a committee promoting the plan, despite calls for his dismissal.

Pendery is the only one of seven members of the Bear River Water Development Committee, which was established by the Cache County Council to study the issue, to oppose the district.On Friday, committee chairman Dennis Funk and member Kenneth Cardon criticized Pendery's statements about the matter and his association with a citizens' opposition group. The county council, however, took no action.

Cardon issued a prepared statement saying Pendery's recent minority report to the council "personally and publicly embarrassed me" and questioning the ethics of Pendery's involvement with the group.

But Pendery said he sees nothing wrong.

"Everything I say at these meetings and at others is a matter of public record," he said. "There is nothing secret going on."

The ad hoc committee was established in July 1987 to study and formulate a strategy for the county in developing the lower Bear River Basin - if it decided that was the way to provide for future water needs.

Pendery said he stands by his statements at a Nov. 29 council meeting, when he said the committee had "failed in its objective by looking only into forming a conservancy district as a way of developing the Bear River waters."

Pendery also questioned the committee's request for permission to circulate pro-district petitions at a series of public information meetings scheduled in the near future.

The council ultimately decided to allow circulation of petitions registering both support and opposition.

Pendery also criticized the committee for failing to solicit information and opinions from water experts, and for ignoring alternatives to a conservancy district.