To the editor:

I find it interesting that those who are first to criticize the actions of others are often guilty of that which they accuse. In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Robert R. Johnson of Salt Lake accused Utahns of being overtaken by a "cloud of ignorance" and further criticized the actions of Families Alert and the Salt Lake School Board for seeking the dismissal of a self-confessed homosexual. I fail to see the ignorance in dismissing a homosexual from instructing on the prevention of AIDS any more than I would deem it wise to have a heroine addict direct the efforts to prevent drug abuse in our schools.Mr. Johnson claims AIDS is not a homosexual disease and supports this claim by referring to statistics that indicate if the current trend continues, AIDS will soon be the No. 1 childhood disease. How in the world does Mr. Johnson think children get AIDS? Nationally, over 77 percent of the children with AIDS have parents with or at risk of AIDS. Of the remaining number, 20 percent acquired it through contaminated blood, and only 3 percent have an undetermined source.

Who, then, is primarily responsible for children who get AIDS? Their parents or other adults. These children have become victims by inheritance. And how did these parents and adults get AIDS? The National Center for Disease Control reports that 73 percent of AIDS victims have been directly involved in homosexual behavior. Of the remaining victims (blood transfusion recipients, intravenous drug users, etc.) homosexual behavior is suspected of having an indirect link.

Sorry, Mr. Johnson, homosexuality and other deviant sexual behavior is responsible for the spread of AIDS. The sooner we accept this fact, the better prepared we will be to accept a responsible approach to preventing its spread.

Charles E. Ulrich, Men's President

Families Alert Executive Council