Former Idaho congressman George Hansen has no known association with white supremacist groups, but his book is being sold by the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations Church, a Hansen spokesman says.

Hansen's 1984 book, "To Harass Our People, The IRS and Government Abuse of Power," is listed for $7 in the 1989 Aryan Nations catalog that was mailed earlier this month.The catalog includes dozens of hate publications: "The Aryan Warrior's Stand," "The Hitler We Loved and Why," "Jews and Their Lies" and "Klansman's Handbook."

"He has absolutely no knowledge of it," said Scott Hughes, Hansen's administrative aide in Washington, D.C.

"He doesn't condone what those people believe in," he said. "It's kind of preposterous to link the two. Most sane Americans would agree they are a radical group. Those are not the principles on which this country was founded," Hughes said.

Hansen, the first elected official convicted of a felony violation of the Ethics in Government Act, was freed from a Petersburg, Va., prison in September 1987 and now runs a consulting business.

The seven-term southern Idaho congressman was convicted in 1984 of filing false financial disclosure statements with Congress.

Hansen's 222-page book details his allegations of government abuses in tax collection and its regulation of Christian schools and churches.

Hughes said he had no idea how the white supremacist church obtained copies of the book, which Hansen published, saying the church has had no contact with Hansen about the publication.

Church secretary Betty Tate said the books were donated by someone in Boise, but she did not know who. It was listed in the catalog because "people asked for it" when it was offered in previous catalogs, she said.

"Some of these (church) people have a certain anti-government attitude," Hughes said. "Maybe they considered his book about the IRS to be anti-government, which it is not."

Hughes said he did not know whether Hansen would take any action against the church.

The Aryan Nations Church, located in northern Idaho's rural Kootenai County,spawned the violent hate group The Order and an offshoot responsible for scores of crimes in the 1980s, including: murders in Idaho and Colorado; shootouts with the FBI in Idaho, Oregon and Washington; robberies in California and Washington; and arsons and bombings in Idaho.

Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler is now actively courting young neo-Nazi skinheads.