A month after a newborn baby was abandoned in the restroom of a Jerome hospital, state and city officials still have no clue to his identity.

The Idaho Health and Welfare Department is concentrating on the legal work needed to give the blond, blue-eyed boy a permanent home.The infant, called Matthew by nurses, was found Nov. 20 in a restroom at St. Benedict's Family Medical Center. Since being released from neo-natal intensive care at Magic Valley Regional Medical Center, the baby has been cared for by foster parents.

"He's looking really healthy, gaining weight," said Meri Brennan, permanent planning specialist for foster care and adoptions at the Jerome Health and Welfare office.

The baby was made a temporary ward of the state days after he was found. Willard Abbott, Health and Welfare's regional director, said the department probably will rely on abandonment as the reason for taking away parental rights from Matthew's natural mother and father.

Jerome Police Detective Don Magleby said the department has found no good leads to identify his mother.

"The more time that passes, the less chance there is of finding Matthew's parents," Willard said. "We've reached the conclusion that his parents will never be found."

The state is working to select adoptive parents from its waiting list. Finding a home for the baby will be no problem at all, Abbott said.