Police Chief Tucker August gave his brother an unusual Christmas present this year - he put him in jail.

Steven August, age "around 34," spent Christmas in jail in Reynoldsville, Pa., on charges of public drunkenness and vandalism for disconnecting the tiny western Pennsylvania borough's Christmas tree and then setting fire to a mattress after his arrest.

The police chief said it was not the first time he arrested his younger brother.

"He held me and a state police officer at gunpoint one time," August said. "He likes to drink sometimes, and you never know when he's going to pop his lid."

August said the latest sibling confrontation began at about 1 a.m. Sunday when Steven August and a friend left a bar in search of holiday merriment.

"I was just standing in (the police station) and, all of a sudden, the Christmas tree lights went out," August said. "I looked outside and saw my brother pulling on the cord."

"He said, `You think that because you're chief of police you can run this town.' He started yelling and swearing, so I finally had to take him in and lock him up in a cell," August said.