Stuart Seaborn didn't expect to be dressed as Santa Claus this year and doesn't expect to find himself talking to children next year, but the department store Santa of 20 years made one last appearance Christmas Eve.

Seaborn, 69, made what may be his final appearance as the Santa Claus for Frederick & Nelson department stores in Bellevue, Wash., this year because he has what may be terminal cancer.

Seaborn looks more like Kris Kringle than many department store Santas, which may be why adults who were children 20 years ago brought their own youngsters to sit on his lap Saturday.

"He can take a child who doesn't really believe there is a Santa Claus, and the children will go away, believing that there is, that he has talked to the real Santa," said Mark Pease, Seaborn's godson.

Seaborn did not expect to be playing Santa Claus this year but made a special Christmas Eve appearance.