Who you gonna call? It's time to call "Ghostbusters" again. Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd are shooting a sequel even though Murray says he had some qualms about doing a follow-up. " `Ghostbusters' was kind of radioactive," Murray told The New York Times. "You sort of had to lay low for a while." Murray says he finally agreed to a "Ghostbusters 2" because "working on the first `Ghostbusters' was the most fun any of us had." In the sequel, the Ghostbusters will be out of the ghost-busting business, and Murray will be hosting a TV show on the psychic, Aykroyds will be running an occult bookstore and Ramis will be teaching. Murray's romance with Sigourney Weaver will be over, but the Ghostbusters reunite when a spirit snatches her baby.