One role of the Utah Arts Council is to offer fee support and other assistance to presenters of arts events statewide, making quality performing groups affordable for any Utah community. To qualify for assistance, presenters must select from the Utah Arts Council's Performing Arts Tour Roster.

For the season 1989-90, seven outstanding out-of-state artists and groups will be available, as well as 19 of Utah's best performing groups or individuals, in classical music, dance, jazz and traditional music, and theater.In classical music, the UAC presents the Amadeus Trio of New York City; the Jensen-Woodbury Duo with Ricklen Nobis; Anthony Glise, classical guitarist from Kansas City; the Guarneri Duo; Musica Reservata, and Utah Saxophones.

In dance: the Children's Dance Theatre; Garth Fagan's Bucket Dance Theatre of Rochester, N.Y.; Kismet Dance Company; the Repertory Dance Theatre; the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, and Utah Ballet.

Jazz/traditional music resources include The Bunkhouse Orchestra performing music of Utah pioneers, with cowboy poet Ray Lashley; the Brough-Wolf Duo; Jarman-Kingston Quartet; Robert Ingram Jr. in Afro-American spirituals and folk songs; Loggerheads; Los Folkloristas, a traditional folk music ensemble from Mexico City; El Mozaic, performing music of North Africa and the Middle East; Jazz through the Ages, and Tennpenny, British traditional music.

Theater events available are Gregg Goldston, mime; IMAGO Theatre Mask Ensemble from Portland, Ore.; Missoula Children's Theatre; the University of Utah Classic Greek Theater Festival; and story teller Michael "Badhair" Williams from Zirconia, N.C.