(Two points each except where noted)

January1. The college football national championship was decided in the Orange Bowl. Who played and what was the score? (1 point each)

2. This Basketball Hall of Fame member suffered a fatal heart attack on Jan 5. Who was he?

3. Which CBS television broadcaster was fired after making racist remarks?

4. What was the final score of the Super Bowl?


1. The United States Winter Olympic Team brought home the fewest medals since the first Winter Olympic Games. How many did they win?

2. Who were the two American gold medalists? (1 point each)

3. Which ski jumper became the first to win three gold medals in the same Olympics?

4. Who were the winners of the NBA Three-point Shootout and Slam-Dunk competitions? (1 point each)


1. Who won the Sullivan Award as the nation's top amateur athlete?

2. Who became the fourth NCAA Division I men's basketball player to break the 3,000 point career scoring mark?

3. Mike Tyson's boxing and private life began to slip into disarray when his co-manager died of cancer. Who was he?

4. Who won the National Invitation Tournament?


1. What was the name of the topless bar in Arlington, Texas where Billy Martin got into a fight?

2. Who became the first British golfer to win the Masters?

3. Who did the Baltimore Orioles beat to end their season-opening losing streak at 21?

4. Who set an NBA record by making a three-point shot in 43 consecutive games?

5. Who was the first player selected in the NFL draft?


1. "Eat another doughnut, you fat pig." Who said those words and to whom? (1 point each)

2. What St. Louis Cardinal utility player became the first non-pitcher to get a decision since 1968?

3. Who won the Indy 500?

4. The Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons played the second lowest scoring game in NBA Playoff history. What was the score?


1. Who became the first pitcher to start a game as designated hitter since the American League adopted the rule in 1973?

2. How long did the Spinks-Tyson fight last?

3. Who won the MISL championship?

4. What horse won two of the three legs of the Triple Crown?

******* Answers


1. Miami, Fla. beat Oklahoma 20-14.

2. "Pistol" Pete Maravich.

3. Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder.

4. The Redskins beat Denver 42-10.


1. 6

2. Brian Boitano (figure skating) and Bonnie Blair (women's speedskating).

3. Matti Nykanen of Finland.

4. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.


1. University of Michigan pitcher Jim Abbott.

2. Bradley guard Hersey Hawkins.

3. Jimmy Jacobs.

4. Connecticut beat Ohio State 72-67.


1. Lace

2. Sandy Lyle.

3. The Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox 9-0.

4. Michael Adams of the Denver Nuggets.

5. Auburn linebacker Aundray Bruce by the Atlanta Falcons.


1. New Jersey Devil Coach Jim Schoenfeld, speaking to Referee Don Koharski.

2. Jose Oquendo gave up two runs in four innings as the Cards lost to the Atlanta Braves 7-5 in 19 innings.

3. Rick Mears.

4. The Celtics beat the Pistons 79-78.


1. Rick Rhoden of the New York Yankees. Rhoden grounded out to third and hit a sacrifice fly to right.

2. 91 seconds.

3. The San Diego Sockers, 4-0 over the Cleveland Force.

4. Risen Star.


1. Oakland Athletic catcher Terry Steinbach.

2. Tommy John.

3. Liselotte Neumann.

4. Jim Benepe.


1. August 9. The game scheduled on August 8 was postponed by rain after four innings.

2. Dapper Dan's.

3. Willie Stargell.

4. David Berkoff.


1. Dave Stieb.

2. 5 - Griffith-Joyner (100, 200, 400 relay); Joyner-Kersee (long jump, heptathlon).

3. Tom Browning of Cincinnati.

4. Kristin Otto.

5. New Zealand.


1. 16-13.

2. The Olympic gold medal.

3. Full.

4. Kirby Puckett.


1. Lisa Wagner.

2. Pam Shriver.

3. Alysheba.

4. Steve Jones and Grete Waitz.


1. The Texas Rangers.

2. The Miami Heat.

3. Auburn defensive tackle Tracy Rocker.

4. Southern Cal quarterback Rodney Peete.