The U.S. Forest Service's regional forester in Ogden, Stan Tixier, is in line to head an international rangeland organization, the Society for Range Management.

Last week, Tixier was elected second vice president of the society, which means that he will serve in this office for one year and then step up to first vice president in 1990. In 1991, Tixier will be president of the group.The society was founded in 1948 with the purposes of promoting a better understanding of rangelands and their uses, provide information about range management, and foster public appreciation of the economic, social and environmental benefits of intelligent range management.

"The Society for Range Management is a great organization," Tixier said. "Through meetings and publications, it allows range professionals with a variety of interests and backgrounds to share information and ideas about improving rangelands and making them more productive."

He said the range management profession is not well understood.