Although the South Sanpete School District has had the second largest increase in the state in enrollment this year over 1987, district officials don't think construction of the state regional prison in Gunnison has had much to do with thejump.

"We can't see that the prison construction has had any appreciable effect on enrollment," Darrell Warren, district administrative assistant, said of the 4.67 percent increase.He said the first phase of construction, site preparation, has involved mainly several local firms whose workers live close by. That phase is now nearly completed.

A study by Paul Gottfredson, district business manager, projects a steady increase in student numbers through 1994, based on present enrollment and not taking into account any in-migration that could result from the location of the prison in the district.

That in-migration will bring an additional 720 people into the district within the next two years, according to a Six-County Organization study.

However, that study indicates that this inflow could extend over two or three counties.

South Sanpete District officials call the inflow the "intangible" in their long-range planning.

The district already has overcrowding in several schools, Warren said. This Has forced the district to utilize several mobile classrooms and even hold classes in lunchrooms.