Nephi City now has a new landfill, located west of the city in Hall's Canyon.

The new dump is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. City Administrator Randy McKnight said a dumpster has been placed at the entrance so when the landfill is closed those hauling garbage to the site can put their refuse in the dumpster. City officials hope this will cut down on the amount of refuse left outside the landfill perimeters.McKnight said signs have been placed at the site to tell users where trash may be unloaded.

Burning is strictly prohibited, said McKnight. Those using the site are asked not to light fires.

"We would appreciate the cooperation of Nephi residents in dumping only in designated areas," said McKnight. Litter and fire hazards can be eliminated if those using the dump obey the rules, he said.

It is against state law to allow trash to blow off vehicles on the way to the landfill, said McKnight.

The old landfill is now closed. However, the site east of town at the base of Mount Nebo will still be open for disposal of tree trimmings, grass trimmings and garden refuse. Other trash must be hauled to the new landfill.