Age: J. Blake Murdock: 38. K.O. Murdock: 41.

Where born: Both born in Ogden.

Family: J. Blake: Wife Julie Weaver Murdock and children K. Blake, Brooke, Ben, Kalie, Brynne, Taylor, Kortney and McKenzie. K.O.: Wife Tonya Dahl Murdock and children Tyson, Kelli Jo, Kodi and McCall.

Education: J. Blake: Brigham Young University, studied zoology for 4 1/2 years. K.O.: Clearfield High School, Weber State College, two years; and BYU, one year.

Primary products: Automobiles: Chevrolet, Geo and custom vans.

Primary markets: Northern Utah.

Number of employees: 80.

Annual sales: $29 million.


First "real" job: J. Blake: Lot boy at Olsen Chevrolet in Layton. K.O.: Finance and insurance manager at Olsen Chevrolet.

Strategy for success: J. Blake: Treat others the way you want to be treated. K.O.: Be fair, honest and work hard.

A memorable failure: J. Blake: I missed the winning free throw that would have put our basketball team in the state tournament my senior year in high school. K.O.: Lost high school election senior year for both student body president and senior class president.

Heroes: .J. Blake: Spencer W. Kimball and my dad.

K.O.: Mom and Dad.

Leisure time and hobbies: .J. Blake: All sports and reading. K.O.: Racquetball, basketball, skiing and coaching my kids.

Favorite book and movie: J. Blake: Book - "Book of Mormon"; movie - "Camelot." K.O.: Book - Whatever I'm currently reading.