After nearly a year of consideration, the city's charter review committee has recommended that Ogden have a full-time mayor and that mayoral and city council terms be expanded from two years to four.

The panel recommended no other major changes in the 37-year-old charter, which sets out the form of government under which the city operates.The council scheduled a Jan. 19 work session to get a more detailed discussion of the group's suggestions, which face approval by voters in a general election before they can become effective.

Committee Chairman Sterling Sessions said city officials would soon have to start lobbying voters to approve the changes.

"We stress the importance of providing an adequate amount of information many weeks in advance of the election to those who will vote, to validate our assumption that an informed electorate will understand the need for a significant change in the management of the city," Sessions said.

The major change recommended is that the mayor cease being the official head of the city council, the legislative branch of city government, and assume duties that have been carried out by a city manager.

The council would continue in its role as a policy-making body.