Members of the Logan Municipal Council have launched an effort to keep major firms from leaving the city and make the city more competitive in attracting new businesses.

The council voted unanimously on Friday to spend $2,200 for a feasibility study on a 98.5-acre proposed redevelopment district in southwest Logan.Mayor Newell Daines said the purpose of the district would be to induce multimillion-dollar investments from industries by offering them free property to locate or relocate in Logan.

"Other cities are offering these kinds of inducements and at the present time we stand to lose at least one business that provides 450 jobs unless we can come up with something," he said.

Daines was referring to Westlo Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Weider Health and Fitness, which operates a factory near the proposed redevelopment district.

Westlo President Scott Watterson said the firm may move to another town when it begins to expand operations now in Logan. He said other areas are offering attractive inducements in an attempt to lure the company.