You might have noticed a little bit of extra hustle by college teams this year when they come out of their huddles after timeouts.

Well it's more than just hustle.There's a new rule in college basketball this year designed to speed up play. After timeouts, teams have one minute to be back out on the floor and if they're not, play will start without them. A horn is sounded after 45 seconds as a warning and another horn at 60 seconds allows officials to put the ball back in play.

Utah has been involved in two situations with the new rule already this year. The first happened during the exhibition game with the Yugoslavians. After one timeout, the Yugoslavian coach refused to send his players back on the floor because he was upset with the officials. So the officials gave the ball to Utah and they scored an easy basket. Then they counted off five seconds and gave the ball to Utah again for another easy score. The only thing that kept it from going on the rest of the game was a timeout by Utah.

Then in the Utes' second game of the year against Iona, the Gaels stayed in the huddle too long and Utah was given the ball under its basket for an easy dunk. As the bewildered Gaels hurried out of their huddle, an official was overheard to say, "Well, I guess they found out about the new timeout rule."

It also happened to Colorado Coach Tom Miller, who kept his team in huddle too long resulting in an uncontested layup for Santa Barbara, which ended up winning by one 71-70.

The only problem with the new rule could be some missed action on TV when it doesn't get back in time after a 60-second commercial.