The Golden Spike National Historic Site has pulled together an impressive collection of movies dealing with trains for its Railroad Film Festival, Dec. 28-29.

The collection includes Cecil B. DeMille's classic "Union Pacific," said historic site superintendent Terry Pentila. In addition, the site's No. 119 steam locomotive engine will be running during the festival.The Golden Spike National Historic Site's two locomotives - Jupiter and No. 119 - are usually placed in storage during the winter months, Pentilla said. However, "as part of this special winter program," he said, No. 119 will be fired up and running for the two days.

In addition to "Union Pacific," the other feature film is the silent movie "The General," starring Buster Keaton. The other films include: "The Great Train Robbery," "They Steamed to Glory," "Golden Spike," "Tracks of the Iron Horse" and "The Last of the Giants."