The Utah Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to avoid buying unwanted products because of free gifts offered with the purchase.

Utah consumers have been "hounded" by mailings from Seasons out of Nevada and GTP Marketing out of Texas, offering a "vacation of a lifetime," bureau spokesman Bill Beadle said.To claim the vacation, Beadle said, a $400 "water purification system" must first be purchased and then the companies issue "vacation certificates."

Better Business bureaus in other states have reported "alleged misrepresentation, inability to schedule vacations and hidden charges," the head of the Utah organization said.

Those hidden fees which must be paid by the consumer include travel, meals, port charges and other costs, Beadle said.

No information has been given on the quality of the original product, the water purification system, he said. But, a gift given to encourage the purchase of another product is typically a throw-away item with little or no value.