The number of foreign visitors to Bryce Canyon is growing, say results of a six-day, midsummer survey of tourists.

The study cost $8,000 and was funded by the Bryce Canyon National History Association. Gary Machlis, representing the Cooperative Park Studies Unit of the University of Idaho, said 84 percent of the people who received questionnaires responded.Here are results from the survey:

How they traveled - mostly in pairs, 41 percent, followed by 21 percent who came in groups of four. Only 6 percent traveled alone.

Frequency of visits to Bryce - 75 percent visited the park for the first time.

Length of stay - At least one night, 59 percent; two nights, 31 percent.

Where they live - Americans accounted for the majority of visitors, but the number of foreign visitors was substantial, about 32 percent. Europe led that group with 88 percent, with Germany the most represented country. Seven percent were from Asia.

How they spent their time at Bryce - at the visitors center, 72 percent; shopping at visitors center, 51 percent; visited lodge, 52 percent; hiking on trails, 4 percent; visiting viewpoints, 95 percent; participating in special activities, 12 percent.

Favorite park attractions - Sunrise and Sunset points, 86 percent; Bryce Point, 75 percent; Natural Bridge, 68 percent; and Paria View, 65 percent.