A North American robin believed to have flown across the Atlantic Ocean and Scotland was drawing hundreds of bird watchers to the Scottish east coast on Monday.

The rare visitor, which is not known to breed in Europe, was spotted hopping around in seafront gardens at Inverbervie, 36 miles northeast of Dundee, and was reported on Christmas Day on "Birdline," a telephone information service about birds.British bird watchers, known as twitchers, are celebrated for dashing anywhere in the country to see, record and photograph rare birds. The little olive-brown robin with a red breast, familiar in Britain and the rest of Europe, is a favorite image on Christmas cards.

The North American robin is almost twice the size of its European cousin and has gray-brown upper parts and a brick-red breast and upper belly.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said the visitor may have been blown across the Atlantic by a fierce westerly gale in recent days.