Opposition leader Kim Dae-jung on Saturday urged President Roh Tae-woo to accept a North Korean call for political and military talks on easing tension on the divided Korean peninsula.

Kim, who heads South Korea's largest opposition party, told reporters that positive overtures were needed from South Korea to end the military confrontation and expedite reunification with North Korea.The leader of the Party for Peace and Democracy said substantial prog-ress could be made next year in talks with North Korea because changing circumstances on the peninsula were forcing the North to open its doors.

North Korea has called for high-level political and military discussions between the two Koreas that could clear the way for summit talks on reuniting the peninsula.

In addition, North Korea last week called for three-way talks among North and South Korea and the United States to negotiate durable peace measures.

On Saturday, members of South Korea's Cabinet agreed to consider the North's proposal for the political and military talks. Government officials who requested anonymity said South Korea would seek a dialogue with the North at the level of prime minister.