Officials Saturday accused the organizers of the first legal independent rally in 20 years of violating the conditions under which it was permitted and indicated they would bar future rallies.

The organizers, including members of the human rights groups Charter 77 and VONS, disputed accusation that they violated the terms set by authorities by making anti-goverment speeches and said they would protest the decision.The Communist Party newspaper Rude Pravo said local officials in Prague's Third District, where the rally was held Dec. 10, met later with the organizers.

"They were frankly told that they didn't keep the conditions under which they got consent to hold the public rally and the holding of similar events in Prague (District) 3 will not be desired," the article said.

Some 4,000 people turned out for the rally after organizers succeeded in obtaining permission - the first time since the Warsaw Pact invasion that crushed the liberal-minded "Prague Spring" and plunged Czechoslovakia back into a rigid system in which religious and human rights activists are persecuted.

Participants - including well-known playwright Vaclav Havel and singer Martha Kubisova - kept to the one-hour time frame permitted by authorities and dispersed peacefully.

"The content of the slogans and some of the speeches surpassed the framework of the agreement," Rude Pravo said. "The content was directed against the socialist system and was evidence of the real interest of the organizers to misuse the rally for political provocation."