Allison, Wayne and Clark Cannon warm their hands after ice skating at the Triad Center's festively decorated rink. The Cannons, like most Utahns, have participated in the merriment of the season by shopping, enjoying the outdoors and visiting friends and family. Many others partook of dozens of holiday activities - public, private and religious - around the state. And on Christmas morning, after Santa had accomplished his sly and distinctive magic, and after all the presents had been opened and the stockings emptied, Utahns sat back and began to reflect on the true magic and meaning of Christmas. Some children, for the first time in their lives, realized that it really is better to give than to receive. Charities throughout the area praised residents for their generosity, and many homeless and needy people enjoyed plentiful meals, gifts and shelter. There was little - if any - bah-humbugging as most Utahns pursued peace on Earth and good will toward all - even if only for one day.