T'was the night before Christmas and all within sight,

were waiting for Santa and his gift-laden flight.But poor pilot Claus could not land his sleigh,

because of a rule passed by that Scrooge, the FAA.

It seems that the Feds would not permit flight,

below 2,000 feet, the minimum height,

above towns like Salt Lake City where many houses stood,

on which Santa would land, if only he could.

Down in City Hall, some were heard to exclaim,

this law's too confining, it's government that's to blame.

And if Santa and his reindeer are unduly restricted,

my constituents will pout and I won't be re-elected.

So the City Council passed an exemption in ordinance form,

excluding flying reindeer from the FAA's norm.

On Christmas Eve only, reindeer can aviate,

below 2,000 feet, keeping the law inviolate.

Now, when Santa flies over Salt Lake City's airspace,

where he can fly freely at a jolly good pace,

he oft' can be heard to exclaim with good intention,

"Merry Christmas to all, and thanks for the exemption."