Mayor Palmer DePaulis and chief Soviet inspector Viacheslov Yevdokimov exchanged season's greetings Friday during a brief meeting in the mayor's office.

During the 15-minute session, the chief of the Soviet inspection team stationed at Magna and the Salt Lake mayor discussed the Armenian earthquake, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev's program of restructuring (peristroika) and their hopes for world peace.Yevdokimov presented DePaulis with two gifts, an English translation of Gorbachev's speeches and writings and a book of photographs of Moscow.

DePaulis said Gorbachev's restructuring initiatives and his stature as a world leader have made a positive impression upon Americans.

"We feel it too," replied Yevdekimov through interpreter Sergei Isakov.

"The majority of the (Soviet) population backs the changes, and we hope they bring a solution to problems we face, not only on the international stage but at home as well."

The Soviet inspector compared the devastation in earthquake-stricken Armenia to that of Stalingrad following the Second World War. He expressed appreciation to the LDS Church and to the people of Utah for their donations to Armenian relief efforts.

DePaulis expressed the community's support and best wishes for Soviet inspection team members who must be away from their families during the holiday season.

"On behalf of the inspection team, Merry Christmas and Happy New to you, your family and the citizens of Utah," Yevdokimov said. "And as my mother always used to say, may God bless you."