The trial of a Hurricane woman, charged in the shooting death of her 82-year-old mother, has been postponed until late February or early March.

A 5th District Court judge this week continued the trial of Ilo Marie Grundberg, 58, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Mildred Coats.Coats was shot in the head and neck eight times with a .22-caliber revolver on June 19, the night before her 83rd birthday, at the mobile home the two women shared.

Grundberg's trial was originally scheduled for Dec. 27. However, Deputy Washington County Attorney O. Brenton Rowe requested the continuance because he said he does not have the necessary medical records to prepare his case.

Defense attorney Gary Pendleton contends that Grundberg was taking the sleeping pill Halcion, which diminished her mental capacity at the time of the shooting. Since the shooting, she has been treated at the Western Institute of Neuropsychiatry in Salt Lake City for Halcion dependency. Her treatment concluded this week.

On Wednesday, Rowe told Judge J. Philip Eves that Pendleton hadn't provided him with medical records and the names of those responsible for Grundberg's treatment. He also said he hadn't received the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses.

Pendleton said he has provided "everything the law requires under an involuntary intoxication defense."

"He (the judge) ruled that the things that I have provided comply with the law and that we cannot be ordered to provide anything else," he said.

The judge also ruled that the Rowe has investigation subpoena power and can acquire whatever documents the prosecution needs, and cannot burden the defense to provide it.

Eves also ordered the defendant to undergo evaluation at the Utah State Hospital to determine her competency to stand trial.