To the editor:

Concerning your article "Worried about the ozone layer" in the Deseret News on Sept. 28, you indicate that one of the contributors to the ozone depletion is the use of aerosol cans discharging chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. While this is technically accurate, since many foreign countries still utilize chlorofluorocarbons as propellants, your generalization does a disservice to the aerosol industry in the U.S.The industry in the U.S. has reformulated its propellants and no chlorofluorocarbons have been used in this country since 1978. The propellants now used in aerosols in the United States have proven to be environmentally safe and make no contribution to harming the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

The Deseret News is a widely-read publication, the general public reads these articles and the very impressionable read it, in which they conclude, incorrectly, that the use of aerosol containers is harmful to the environment.

Aerosols are, in fact, a safe, convenient and effective form of consumer packaging. Further, we provide, as an industry, many thousand jobs and overall improve the standard of living of Americans.

Robert Jacobsen

General manager

U.S. Can Co.