"Greatest Hits Collection," by Bananarama. (Polygram).

Most of Bananarama's songs are innocuous and pleasant enough to listen to on a one-tune-a-day basis. But all stuck together on the female group's "Greatest Hits Collection," they become really monotonous.Bananarama, which seems to be a mix between the worst of the Bangles and the best of the Go-Gos, has been around for seven years, throwing songs like "Venus" and "Cruel Summer" up the pop charts.

You've heard their singles on the radio and probably thought, "That song is sort of cute. Maybe I should get the album." But then the feeling passes until the next Bananarama offering starts making its Top-40 climb.

That's why it's not fair to totally pooh-pooh the album. If you can stand to pick up your turntable needle and skip around from "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin"' to "I Heard A Rumor" to "Robert De Niro's Waiting," you can actually listen to all those neat and cute tunes at your own discretion.

But then again, why not just wait for the radio to start playing Bananarama's next single?