A new Baptist congregation will begin services April 24.

The new Trinity Baptist Church will meet at the Kidco Day Care Center, 1995 W. 90th South. Sunday school is scheduled at 10 a.m., with worship services at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. The congregation's primary ministry area is South Jordan and Riverton.Leading the new church are the Rev. Lloyd Larkin, pastor, and the Rev. O.J. Swanson, associate pastor a team that has been working together since 1982 in Tooele and Richfield.

Both are associated with Baptist Mid Missions, an Ohio-based organization specializing in establishing new independent Baptist churches in more than 30 nations.

The Rev. Larkin said the mission of the new church is to meet "real people needs, beginning with their need to be saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."

To help accomplish that, the church will offer systematic Bible instruction. "Expository (verse by verse) Bible teaching with a doctrinal emphasis is the best way to teach God's truth about everything from salvation to family relationships," the Rev. Larkin said.

Neither of the pastors believe their new church to be "the one true church." They say many others, including some outside Baptist circles, are teaching the true gospel, which they define as salvation in the presence of God solely by grace.

The Rev. Larkin said the church will strive to conduct a balanced ministry. "To us that means such things as services with joy but not emotionalism, reverence but not deadness, a definite commitment to the sovereignty of God but not neglecting man's responsibility, and a healthy balance between evangelism and communicating principles for daily living."