You're apt to be paying about $10 less a year for electricity beginning Friday, Utah Power & Light and state officials have announced.

UP&L President Frank N. Davis said the 2 percent rate reduction, which will amount to a yearly reduction of about $5.3 million, will be submitted to the Public Service Commission for approval but will go into effect in the meantime.Some of the reduction resulted from changes suggested by the Committee of Consumer Services, an independent advocacy group appointed by Gov. Norm Bangerter.

"Lower utility rates not only benefit utility ratepayers, they help the state's economic development program by making Utah more attractive to companies and employees considering locating in the state," Bangerter said.

Combined with a January rate reduction of 1 percent, the total reduction to the average consumer will be about $17. The company is expecting another 5 to 10 percent reduction following its merger with PacifiCorp, which officials hope will be completed later this year.