Utahns are paying 8 cents less for gasoline during the holidays than during the 1987 season, the American Automobile Association reports.

The beehive state's average retail price of $1.08 per gallon is one cent less than the national average of $1.09.Among nine Western states, Utah's average price ranks fourth lowest. Idaho had the lowest average price at $1.06 per gallon.

The national study said Oklahoma motorists pay the lowest statewide average price for gasoline at $1 per gallon. The District of Columbia reported the highest average at $1.18.

AAA's annual fuel gauge report gives breakdown and average for prices for full-service and self-service regular, unleaded, premium and diesel fuels.

In Utah, the 1988 price for a gallon of full service regular is $1.16, unleaded $1.21, premium $1.28 and diesel $1. Self-service prices were 95 cents for regular, 98 cents for unleaded and $1.07 for premium. Diesel was 94 cents per gallon.

Last year the full-service price for a gallon of regular was $1.24, unleaded $1.28, premium $1.32, and diesel $1.19. The price of a gallon at self-service stations in December 1987 was $1.03 for regular, $1.07 for unleaded, $1.15 for premium and $1.10 for diesel.

AAA's fuel gauge report is based on a survey of more than 4,750 gasoline stations along major travel routes and in metropolitan areas throughout the continental United States.

Thirty-five percent of the stations surveyed by AAA said they would maintain regular hours during the holiday and 24 percent will operate round the clock.