Here's the complete statement of Ann House, Orem, widow of state Corrections Lt. Fred House, who was killed Jan. 28 by three members of the Singer-Swapp family:

"I attended the trial because I needed to know why and how my husband was killed. The Singer-Swapp affair had seemed so irrational, so unreal, and useless. I hoped to understand it better."I know there is sympathy for people who are young, socially isolated and therefore limited in experience and maturity. But when there is planned and continued violence that results in the death of a police officer, these people can't be let off easily. A lawman puts himself between these people and the rest of us.

"Where is the responsibility? Where is accountability?

"No one must be permitted to get away with violence as a supposed means of `making a statement.'

"What was missing in this trial about the killing of Lt. Fred House was Fred as a real person. He was and still is a model of character, of responsible behavior. Fred had four black belts in Shotokan Karate, which is unique in the martial arts for its emphasis on character and mental and spiritual discipline.

"His students and fellow workers respected this dedication, loyalty and team support. The Singer-Swapp affair is such a contrast in values. Unless we hold to high standards, I worry for the safety of his friends and fellow officers."