In the eyes of Kanab High School students, no effort is too great for needy children and their families - especially at Christmas.

That's why the some 260 students at the school joined in raising or collecting more than $2,600 to help Santa.More than $1,000 of that amount was collected in a single day when students in classes challenged each other on who could raise the most money. A lot of the money was raised at a dance, at which Brad Dastrup, 18, a senior, was the disc jockey.

With the funds "we buy the kids presents so they can have a Christmas like they've never had before," said Dastrup, who noted the Student Council-sponsored program sparks emotions usually not displayed other days of the year.

"The students have loved it. They have had a lot of fun donating for the children. They're really getting into the Christmas spirit by giving to others," the youth said.

Gene Drake, assistant principal, said students in the project, spearheaded by Student Body President Rory MacDonald and Vice President Nancy Willis set a new goal each year on how much they want to raise.

The students "continually give. A few people from outside the high school ask to donate, but a large percentage of the money comes from the students," Drake said.

Santa Claus will deliver presents provided by the students on Christmas Eve. Stopping at homes of children, some of whom would otherwise receive absolutely nothing for Christmas, is a touching experience.

"The young people really provide a nice Christmas for them," Drake said.

He said Karen Kelly, an English teacher and a former Student Council adviser, has excellent rapport in working with the students in the program.