Whatever happened to talented songwriter Mac Davis? - Mrs. D.R.P., Harperville, Ga.

STATS: Born Jan. 21, 1942, in Lubbock, Texas, as Morris Mac Davis. Attended Lubbock High School and Emory University in Atlanta. He's been married three times and has three children.IN EARLY YEARS: Davis started working in small clubs with rock bands in Atlanta, then turned to writing songs. He moved to Los Angeles and, after a long dry spell, in the 1960s his songs took off. He wrote for Elvis Presley, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell and Bobby Goldsboro. His own singing career was launched with a 1971 album and the 1972 hit "Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me." He had his own TV variety show, 1974-76, then made his movie debut in "North Dallas Forty" in 1979 and his Las Vegas club debut the same year.

FAMOUS FOR: His song "I Believe in Music," which has been recorded by more than 50 artists; his marital misadventures of the 1980, when his second wife left him for buddy Glen Campbell.

IN RECENT YEARS: In 1989, Davis retired from show business, saying he was burned out after 20 years of one-nighters and clubs. In 1991, admitting he was an alcholic, he spent eight months at the Betty Ford Clinic. He is back writing songs, and in late 1992 he took over the title role in the Broadway production "Will Rogers Follies."

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