Jurors began their fourth day of deliberations Thursday in the second-degree murder case against three members of the Singer-Swapp family charged with murdering a Utah peace officer.

The eight-member panel returned to its small room in the Summit County courthouse about 9 a.m. to continue deciding the fate of Addam Swapp, Jonathan Swapp and John Timothy Singer, charged with the Jan. 28 shooting death of state Corrections Lt. Fred House.In a hearing Thursday morning, 3rd District Judge Michael R. Murphy added more lesser-included offenses to the second-degree murder charge against Addam Swapp.

As an alternative to murder, Swapp could be found guilty of manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated assault or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or a quarrel.

The jury had inquired twice about lesser-included charges, but the judge told them that they were not to consider any other than what were in the instructions. Murphy later changed his mind and, after consulting with Addam and his attorney, informed the jury they could consider the lesser charges.