With its new name and new design, Brigham Young Magazine is now officially on the streets so to speak.

Mailed in mid-February to nearly 130,000 readers, including graduates, faculty, staff and friends of the university, the magazine readers have known as BYU Today has seen several changes.Under the direction of a strategic planning committee from BYU University Communications, all aspects of the magazine, from advertising to readability, were examined.

From that review, it was determined that some changes needed to be made. First and most notably, the name of the publication has been changed from BYU Today to Brigham Young Magazine.

Ronald G. Hyde, publisher of the magazine, explained in a letter to readers that in "making this change, we want to place increased emphasis on the university's namesake and on the unique blend of spiritual and secular education that he advocated in founding this university."

Second, the magazine will no longer be running advertisements, except those from on-campus organizations. Given the university's nonprofit status, this change is being made in part to comply with increasingly stringent IRS and U.S. Postal Service requirements, explained Hyde.

Third, the magazine will now be published quarterly, with readers receiving issues in February, May, August and November. With ever-rising postal and production costs, said Hyde, the magazine's management must, periodically, look for ways to operate within established budgets.

"However, with this consolidation, we will still be publishing approximately the same number of editorial pages each year with no increase in budget from the university," he said.

In addition to these changes, McRay Magleby and Bruce Patrick of BYU Graphics have redesigned the magazine to increase its visual appeal.

James P. Bell continues as editor.