Three robbers held a bank executive and his family hostage overnight, then stole nearly $250,000 from the bank's vaults before fleeing, authorities said.

Police were not notified for 90 minutes until the robbers had fled and BankAtlantic Chief Executive Officer Alan Levan found his wife and 7-year-old daughter locked in the trunk of their Mercedes-Benz, police spokesman Ott Cefkin said."It seems to be very well planned, and obviously it worked very well," Cefkin said. "They were probably halfway to Mexico by then."

Three men posing as a flower delivery team gained access to Levan's Coral Gables home Tuesday evening while Levan, 40, and his wife, Susan, 38, were out.

The intruders held the live-in maid, Petrona Sandoval, 68, and the Levans' daughter, Lauren, at gunpoint until the couple arrived home shortly after midnight.

"They opened the door and the people were there at gunpoint," Bank executive Mark Wright said.

The family was held overnight in an upstairs bedroom, then driven 30 miles north to Fort Lauderdale during morning rush hour.