Israel's parliament Thursday overwhelmingly approved a broad-based coalition government of the right-wing Likud Party and center-left Labor Party.

Immediately after the vote, Yitzhak Shamir was sworn in as prime minister of the new government, a position he has held for the past two years.The Knesset, Israel's parliament, voted 84-19 in favor, with three abstentions and 19 not pres-ent.

After Shamir was sworn in, the rest of the Cabinet members took their oaths of office to form the new government 51 days after the general elections.

Shamir presented the coalition to the Knesset for a vote of confidence two hours after he and Shimon Peres, head of the Labor Party, signed the coalition agreement.

The new coalition renewed the "national unity" government of Likud and Labor that has governed for the past four years in an often hostile partnership.

In his address to the Knesset, Shamir said the coalition government of Labor and Likud was necessary to combat world pressure on Israel.

"The developments in the international arena . . . obligate us to bridge differences in order that we can together cope with the problems and overcome the obstacles and dangers in our way," he said.

Shamir said he was referring to the "political and propaganda offensive" to gain support for the "establishment of a PLO Palestinian state in the land of Israel" and Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The prime minister said Israel would not negotiate with the PLO.