Deseret News copy courier Quinnell Henry likes to walk. She doesn't have a car, so she walks to work every day _ about a mile round trip.

Her job at the Deseret News includes picking up and delivering packages and messages in the downtown area, answering the phone in the newsroom, getting items from the Deseret News library for reporters, bringing fresh-off-the-press newspapers to the city room and handling a multitude of chores for editors.

She doesn't know how far she walks during her time on the job, but it must be a half mile to a mile a day, she said.

After work, she has a Deseret News paper route and delivers 36 papers to the LDS Church Office Building and Administration Building downtown, piling up more mileage.

"I wear out a lot of shoes. I try to buy the best shoes I can, for the money, and often wear jogging shoes."

For fun, she enjoys walking about Temple Square in the evening or driving with friends to a canyon and walking in the mountains.

Henry is 4 feet 6 inches tall, so it takes her a little longer to walk a mile than some people. "I don't know why I am only 4 feet 6 inches tall, since I have many relatives that are 6 feet tall or taller. I enjoy walking, nevertheless. I do get tired of having to look up at most people, but I am resigned to it."

She says she likes her job because it is always different and she gets to go outside the office a lot. "On a nice day it is wonderful to get outside the office and walk around." She says she also likes working for a newspaper "because I always know what is going on, especially big events, before most people do."

A native of southern Georgia, Henry graduated from Jeff Davis High School and attended Brewton Parker College in Georgia and Ricks College in Idaho. She came to Salt Lake City in 1972 and graduated from LDS Business College, where she studied fashion merchandising. She also served an LDS mission to Pennsylvania.

She worked for the downtown Walgreen Drug Store for several months and then spent eight years with ZCMI working in the downtown store snack bar before coming to the Deseret News in 1981.

In addition to taking walks, Henry enjoys swimming, going on picnics, taking rides in the countryside, going to movies and reading _ especially adventure novels and biographies. She also loves to take traveling vacations, back to Georgia; to Denver; and throughout Utah. She like to see more of America, especially historic cities and sites.

"Of course, when I get to all those places I'd like to walk all over. You really see things when you walk," she said.