The West Berlin public prosecutor has abandoned its case against two people accused in the 1986 discotheque bombing that prompted the United States to bomb Libya in retaliation. The prosecutor's office said Wednesday it had dropped the charges against West German Christiane Endrigkeit, 28, and Jordanian-born Palestinian Ahmad Hasi, 38, because it lacked enough evidence to link the two to the explosion at the La Belle disco in West Berlin April 5, 1986. The prosecutor's office said it could not firmly establish their guilt after hearing testimony from more than 300 witnesses. Two American servicemen and a Turkish woman died in the blast and 230 people were wounded, many seriously. U.S. officials claimed the attack was engineered by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, and Reagan sent U.S. warplanes on a bombing raid that killed 17 civilians and wounded 100 others in Tripoli April 15, 1986. One U.S. fighter was downed and its two-man crew lost.