Employees at the main Salt Lake City post office, 1760 W. 21st South, set a record Monday, canceling 1,247,000 letters and cards.

According to post office spokeswoman Beverly Burge, the previous record of 1,127,000 canceled cards and letters was set a week earlier, on Monday Dec. 12."We expected a big day the Monday two weeks before Christmas, but not another record the following Monday," Burge said. "The reason for the large amount of mail Dec. 19 is probably because Christmas is so late in the week."

On an ordinary weekday, the Salt Lake post office cancels about half a million cards and letters, Burge said.

Burge said people can mail letters Wednesday and expect to have them delivered to most areas of the nation by Christmas, but after Wednesday, she suggested using express mail service. She said the post office will deliver express mail, special delivery and perishable mail on Christmas and the Monday holiday following Christmas.