A Kearns man has been ordered to stand trial on charges of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping in connection with the April rape and kidnap of a Roy woman.

Third Circuit Judge Sheila K. McCleve said she found probable cause on all three counts to bind over Kirk W. Dall, 21, to district court for trial at 9 a.m. on Jan. 9. Dall, who sobbed sporadically throughout the hearing, will appear before 3rd District Judge Timothy R. Hanson.Because of the sensitive nature of the case, McCleve ordered the courtroom clear of all parties except The Deseret News, Dall's family and those directly involved with the case.

A 19-year-old woman told the court Dall approached her in his car the night of April 5, 1988, as she was walking north at 15th South and State Street. She said he pointed a gun at her, ordered her into the car and forced her to handcuff her hands behind her back.

"When you have a gun pointed in your face, you're not going to argue," she told prosecutor Tom Vuyk. She said Dall drove around in circles in the Salt Lake Valley and later raped her near a gravel pit at 52nd South and 51st West, while she was still handcuffed.

The victim said Dall then handcuffed her to a pole and left her for about 31/2 hours. When he returned, he brought her a drink and told her he had a "better place to put you where you're out of the wind," she said. "My teeth were chattering so hard I could barely talk."

The woman said she was then left in a mine shaft, handcuffed to a piece of equipment. She said she used a rock and some wire to break the handcuffs and then flagged down a police officer.