Would-be campers at Bear Lake State Park must now call a toll-free number instead of the park to make campsite reservations as the popular recreation area is part of a statewide reservations network.

Like the state's other parks, Bear Lake joined the reservations network in March 1988. But because the lake's campers typically reserve campsites in January, most were not affected by the change during the past season.The new system allows reservations to be made between three and 120 days in advance, and up to 25 reservations to be made per telephone call. A reservation fee of $5.25 for each site is charged.

The name of the families using each campsite must be provided when the reservation is made. The person making the reservations will receive a confirmation statement unless other addresses are provided.

In addition to the reservation fee, camping fees at Bear Lake State Park are $8 per night at the State Marina and Rendezvous Beach Cottonwood and Willow Creek campgrounds.

A fee of $10 per night is charged for camping at the Rendezvous Beach, Big Creek campground. Campers may stay up to 14 days in a campground within a 30-day period.

The toll-free number for making reservations is 1-800-284-2267.