Although some $69.2 million in income tax rebate checks has been issued, an estimated 2,000 Utahns still have not received their share of the state's surplus.

They are taxpayers who have moved since filing their state income tax returns for income earned in 1987, said Burke Tangren, chief of accounts receivable for the state Division of Finance.To ensure that they receive their rebate checks, those taxpayers should notify the state Tax Commission of their change of address. The number to call is 538-3202.

Gov. Norm Bangerter's program to distribute a portion of the state's $110 million budget surplus not only cost less than the $77 million budgeted by the Legislature, it actually added some $4 million to state coffers.

Through the so-called "Gotcha" program the Tax Commission was able to keep some $3.3 million slated to be returned to taxpayers as rebates for back taxes those Utahns owed.