An armored car company offered a $70,000 reward for a gun-wielding Santa Claus and helper who robbed two guards of more than $700,000, the FBI said Wednesday.

Police and the FBI said the straight-faced Santa took two sacks of cash from Dunbar Armored Security Inc. guards outside a United Bank branch in a shopping plaza Tuesday morning.No shots were fired and neither guard was injured, police said. One guard was apparently inside the bank, while the other was carrying the sacks to a van.

"This is not a joke. Get up against the wall. Give me the bags of money," the robber, between 35 and 40 years old, told the guards, according to Detective Capt. Russell Hughes.

The white-bearded robber, dressed in a Santa hat and trench coat and bearing a silver revolver, hopped into a car with a male accomplice and drove off, Hughes said.