Salt Lake police are investigating the burglary of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Salt Lake AIDS Foundation offices in which a small amount of cash was stolen.

Robin Blumner, director of the ACLU's Utah office, said she was notified at home Monday about 8:30 a.m. of the burglary."It's really bizarre," said Blumner. "They left the computers . . . they left everything of value."

Just $15 was taken from the ACLU offices in a professional plaza at 450 S. Ninth East, Blumner said. Some files were rifled through during the burglary, which apparently occurred Sunday night or early Monday morning.

"It looks like we had some kids looking for money. It looks really rinky dink," said Ben Barr, director of the Salt Lake AIDS Foundation. "They did some real damage - they brought along a crowbar" and smashed a glass door.

The two offices were the only ones in the building that were burglarized. "That's the thing that's perplexing," Barr said. "There were other offices in the building that weren't touched."

No files from either office were taken, and the thieves did not take any other valuable items, both Blumner and Barr said.